I.3.1 Lienhardt Huetstainer

While Tameln (Thomas) in 1509 and Hanns (Johann) in 1537 had been the first ones settling on the two fiefs at Hutstein, they never were recorded with their surname Hutsteiner, which was used for sure by local people.

But then Leonhardt Huetstainer, perhaps a son of Thomas from the Rannariedl Hutstein fief – his name was written like the name of the hamlet Hutstein in the Rannariedl Urbar -, became the first mentioned family member with our surname recorded in written form. In the year 1544 it was written down within a tax document that Lienhardt Huestainer payed taxes from a fief in Messnerschlag in the year 1539. Also, two further records about interest and a further payment record are available.

The first available record mentioning a Hutsteiner: Liendl Huettstainer

the very first record mentioning a Hutsteiner:
Tax document of 1544/1539: “Item Liendl Huettstainer ain Lehen 3 fl [Gulden] [0]Pf [Pfennige]”

Two more records of this document mention Lienhardt Huetstainer:

record of interest payment payment in 1539: “Item Huettstainer im Meßnerschlag hatt im 39er Jar alls er mit seinem Schwageren geordnigt verzinst 1 re 1 fl [Gulden] 18 Pf [Pfennige]


record of a payment in 1539: ” Item Huettstainer nams Liedl im Meßnerschlag im 39er Jar verraidt … 1 re [0] Pf”






These three records are the first records mentioning a Hutsteiner family member ever.

Later, a register from 1698 states all files, which were forwarded from the high court in Passau to the local court in Wegscheid: one of these files was about Lienhardt who asked for a licence for his mill in 1545, which was refused. This original file is unfortunately missing, but the register includes it:

register of files 1698

And there are three original protocol entries of the government in Passau:

first protocol entry on 18 Sept. 1545: “Leonhart Huetstainer – dem Richter zu Wegscheid und  Gelegenheit der Sach zu schreiben”


Second protocol entry of 14th Oct 1545


third protocol entry of 15th Nov 1545 (recte 16th Nov): Pfleger zu Marspach auf Leonhard Huetstainer supplimo”




Nevertheless, the permission to erect a mill close to Messnerschlag, Wegscheid, Bavaria, the later called Hutsteiner-Mill, nowadays Waldlmühle, was officially granted with restriction in 1547 and in full in 1553. The permit was renewed in 1560. This document of 1560 is still available:

permit copy 1560


Lienhard (Leonhard) Hutsteiner was the earliest recorded Hutsteiner, but brought to us more written documents then many others in the following 100 years as he was part of a dispute between the millers of Wegscheid county which was solved by the high court in Passau in 1560. The file about this dispute is still existing and Lienhardt is mentioned many times. Out of this file’s info we are also able to estimate that Lienhard was born probably before 1510 as he was mentioned within the millers’ accusations as an old and aged man in 1560.

millers’ complaints in 1560 stating Lienhard Hutsteiner as an old and aged man



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