Hutsteiner Mill


In 1543 Lienhardt Huetstainer got the permission to erect a mill at the Osterbach (Oster creek), also known as Grenzbach (border creek) as it defines the border between Germany/Bavaria and Austria/Upper Austria, close to the village Messnerschlag,  parish Wegscheid.

For a long time this mill was known as Hutsteinermühle (Hutsteiner-Mill). While in 1643 it was already occupied by family Pogner it still was called Hutsteinermühl`,  and only later, after 1840,  the name Waldlmühle became common.

location of the Hutsteiner mill with the channel for the old mill wheel – the Osterbach/Grenzbach is to the right, close to the forest, i.e. while the field is still in Bavaria, the forest already belongs to Austria 

The Grenzbach, the border Austria – Bavaria

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