A rare surname ?

It is visible that the surname Hutsteiner was not explicitly recorded until 1545 when Lienhardt Hutsteiner asked for the permission of erecting a mill. Then 1560 again Lienhardt was recorded and later Steffan Hutsteiner was mentioned in tax some records of 1581.

So, our surname emerged approx. 1509 and for several decades it was not recorded in the surrounding dominions and it seems that all Hutsteiner left the dominions Rannariedl and Falkenstein and the parish of Pfarrkirchen early.

So, what happened ?

First, when Tameln (Thomas) Hutsteiner started to settle at Hutstein he became a “Hutsteiner” and for sure people called him Hutsteiner.

But Thomas was a descendant from any other family, perhaps already with their own existing surname (surnames established during this period and later on only). So, it is possible that his former surname was used sometimes for him and his descendants at Hutstein, too. Same applies for Hanns (Johann) Hutsteiner at the Falkenstein fief. This resulted  that two existing surnames were used in parallel for some time. This behaviour can be observed often in our region depending on the priest or clerk who recorded a certain document, a custom which was used until the beginning of the 18th century in nearby regions.

We definitely see that Rannariedl’s fief at Hutstein was occupied by family Stölzl in 1600, who often were called Hutsteiner and sometimes Stölzl and already in 1591 there is Hanns Aumüllner owner of the farm.

Anyhow, an assignment to the original Hutsteiner families is not possible anymore. It’s not very likely, due to the fact that such fiefs changed their owner sometimes, but it could be that “Aumüllner” and “Schuster” had been the original family surnames at Hutstein starting in 1509 resp. 1537, because the two surnames already existed in these years.

But it is not unlikely that some of our Hutsteiner families descended from “Stölzl”, “Aumüllner” and “Schuster” families, because  we can’t set up ancestry pedigrees before approx. 1640. From 1629 the family name Grubauer was not assigned the surname “Hutsteiner” anymore. 




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