During time names changed. Commonly, a short form or nickname of the given or baptismal name was used in former times, which we see also in the history of our Hutsteiner family members: 

  • Tameln or Demel was used instead of Thomas
  • Liendl or Lienhard instead of Leonhard
  • Hans was commonly used instead of Johann: in modern times Hans became an official name on its own. And it is necessary to know that during the 18th century it was usual to use Johann as a prefix to most given names, e.g. Johann Sebastian instead of Sebastian only. For women the “prefix” Maria was used, e.g. Maria Susanna.
  • Veit instead of Vitus
  • Andre instead of Andreas
  • Bartl instead of Bartholomäus
  • Sepp instead of Josef, but it is interesting that the church records never used Sepp instead of Josef, compared to all other nicknames above.


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