Origin of today’s main Hutsteiner farms

Origin of today’s main Hutsteiner farms


According to some family legend two brothers, Tobias and Simon Hutsteiner, had been the founders of the farms in Kollerschlag.


Thomas Hutsteiner born 1686 in Kollerschlag was the founder of the well known farm in Mistlberg.


Likely Thomas Hutsteiner, the first Hutsteiner owner of this farm, was a son of Leonhard Hutsteiner in Grettenbach. According the Urbar of Wegscheid 1656-1680 Leonhard Hutsteiner from Grenpach [Grettenbach] paid taxes for a certain field. He was later replaced by Thomas Hutsteiner in Aiglsed. Usually this points to a father – son relation, less to a younger brother.

from Urbar Wegscheid 1655 ff



Martin and Coloman Hutsteiner, owners of two farms in the village of Niederwegscheid, had been brothers according to Wegscheid court records. Father had been Michael Hutsteiner from Hutstein in Upper Austria who was the first on one of the farms there. Michael, whose surname had been Stölzl, took over the farm of Johann Grubauer Niederwegscheid, while Grubauer Paul took over the Rannariedl’s Hutstein farm around 1630. Perhaps Paul Grubauer was a son of Johann in Niederwegscheid and married a Hutsteiner daughter ? Anyhow it seems that there were some family relations between Grubauer and Hutsteiner.

from Urbar Wegscheid 1635 ff



Simon Hutsteiner showed up in Kasberg between 1644 and 1645 with still unknown origin. He was the first Hutsteiner in Kasberg. He was followed by his son Julius.



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