I.6.3 Did they meet again ?

I.6.3 Did they meet again ?

No. But it is an amazing matter that members of our major family lines visited the same or close by locations far away from their origin or even met there. Needless to emphasize, that this happened during a time when there was no car and no airplane available. Mainly they reached their destinations by feet and there was no google to search for one’s family. So it was pure coincidence.

In lower Bavaria 

First, there was Martin Hutsteiner from Eberhardsreuth who stayed close to Osterhofen in Lower Bavaria in 1799. Then, in 1809 Col. Heinrich Christian Huthsteiner from Saxony marched with Napoleon’s army on the way to Austria through Osterhofen, too. And beginning of the 20th century Rudolph Huthsteiner from Düsseldorf stayed there at the local abbey and made a painting of its interior.   

rally point: from all major family lines members passed Osterhofen
In the US

Eugene Gustave Huthsteiner from Tell city was heavily surprised when he got to know that there was a Louisa Huthsteiner living in New Jersey. He immediately tried to set up communication to clarify any relationship between each other.

Surprise | HUTSTEIN Origins

meeting in New Jersey
In Hesse

And finally Carl Hutsteiner from Budweis, Kingdom of Bohemia, came to Hesse-Nassau already in the 1670s, while Michael Hutsteiner reached it in approximately 1734. For several decades their direct descendants lived next door within a distance of a few kilometres only.

immigration rally point Hesse

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