Find a grave

Find a grave

This post is dedicated to show photos and information about the graves of all Hut(h)stein(er) and their spouses: 

A specialized site, the Find a grave site, is listing known graves.

Known Hutsteiner graves in alphabetical order:





Alfred Huthsteiner



Anna Hutsteiner 


Friedhof Südwest, Vienna,  Austria

Anton Hutsteiner 


Friedhof Haslach an der Mühl 

Infanterist Anton Hutsteiner 


Barbara Hutsteiner 






Carrie Huthsteiner 


Celia Trasie Hicks Huthsteiner 


Carolina Hofer Hutsteiner 


Charles Huthsteiner 


David Lee Huthsteiner 


David Lee is mentioned on two different tombstones


Dorothy A. Cullen Huthsteiner 


Emilie W Hutsteiner 







Elvira Huthsteiner 




Frieda Huthsteiner

Florrie Curtis Hutsteiner 


Frank J Hutsteiner 


Fred Hutsteiner 


Holy Cross Cemetery and Mausoleum
North Arlington



Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Glendale, Los Angeles



Florida National Cemetery
Bushnell, Sumter County


Evergreen Cemetery
Westlake, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Hans Huthsteiner 


Hattie Mae Derr Huthsteiner 


Maple Grove Cemetery

Hedwig Elvira “Hattie” Duenweg Huthsteiner 


Helen L. Hyde Huthsteiner


Florida Memorial Gardens



Isabella Huthsteiner 


Green-Wood Cemetery

James R Huthsteiner 



Barrancas National Cemetery

Jakob Hutsteiner 


Johann “Hans” Hutsteiner 


Johann Hutsteiner 

( - 03.06.1916)

John Hutsteiner 


Wisconsin Memorial Park Brookfield, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Joan Elfrida Meyer Huthsteiner 


John Huthsteiner 


Joseph Henry Huthsteiner 


Oak Grove Cemetery


Josef Hutsteiner 


Karl Hutsteiner 


Katherine H. Brenner Huthsteiner


Leah Virginia Robbins Huthsteiner 


Leopold Hutsteiner 


Friedhof, Pfarrkirchen im Muhlkreis



Also Louise has two tombstones


Louise Ann Hustheiner Butler 


Sunset Memory Gardens

Louise Ludwig Huthsteiner


Louise A Adams Huthsteiner 


Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Glendale, California

Louis Hutsteiner 


Holy Cross Cemetery Sheboygan

Mary Hutsteiner 


Mount Olivet Cemetery

Carverton, Pennsylvania

Meinrad Hutsteiner 


Pomezia German War Cemetery
Pomezia, Città Metropolitana di Roma Capitale, Italy

Margaret Huthsteiner 


Mollie Amalia Fricke Huthsteiner 


Otto Hutstein 


Friedhof Rainding
Rainding, Bavaria, Germany

Paula Hutsteiner 


Friedhof Haslach an der Mühl

Pauline “Polly” Huthsteiner 


Pauline Carolyn Weber Huthsteiner 







Hurley Cemetery
Hurley, Ulster County, New York, USA




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