I.8 Genetical diseases

I.8 Genetical diseases

Obviously our family has problems with some genetical and psychological diseases, one of them was epilepsy, another -still undefined- was paranoia like.

Paul’s official ID

Paul Huthsteiner was most time of his life in hospital and finally died there. In his records it was mentioned that also his father’s sister – still not identified – suffered from epilepsy and had been in hospital in the city of Bielefeld.

His father Robert Emil Huthsteiner committed suicide in 1924.

admission document of Friedrich August

Friedrich August Huthsteiner was in Colditz asylum, a state owned hospital for insane people, where he died in 1887 after 6 years. Amongst other things he suffered from persecution mania.

It was recorded that also a sister of him had been diagnosed insane, but died before 1881.

Josef Hutsteiner was killed by the Nazis  as part of their euthanasia program.

Actually also some other Hutstein family members are suffering from serious depression diseases.

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