II.1 Bavaria

There are several different family lines in the municipality Wegscheid, Bavaria.

Wegscheid ~ 1900

One of my first known direct ancestors is Johann Hutsteiner in Wegscheid with his descendants starting in Wildenranna, parish Wegscheid.

Another one is Blasius Hutsteiner and his descendants, mainly coming out of the small village of Kasberg close to Wegscheid:

Also from Kasberg originated the line of Simon Hutsteiner, but probably no living descendant with our family name is existing nowadays.

Thomas Hutsteiner descendants are from Aiglsöd, a village close to the town Wegscheid in lower Bavaria.

Following are 4 major families and descendants which I grouped around Michael Hutsteiner which is an assumption and not verified yet. I just wanted to show that obviously Coloman and his brother Martin, Simon and Tobias had been related to each other more closely than others, because Coloman’s daughter Apolonia and Tobias’ son Stefan had same witness Mathias Hartl for their marriage, which pinpoints to a close relationship to him and therefore to each other.

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