II.1.1 First Bavarian Hutsteiner records

II.1.1 First Bavarian Hutsteiner records

The first bavarian records are about Lienhard Hutsteiner’s records stating his tax payments in 1539 (http://hutstein.org/2018/01/12/first-named-hutsteiner/) and the dispute of 1560 (The millers’ dispute of 1560 | HUTSTEIN Origins), i.e. he became the first recorded bavarian Hutsteiner.

The baptism of  Magdalena Hutsteiner in the parish of Obernzell, lower Bavaria, in 1588 (The first BMD records | HUTSTEIN Origins) is the second mentioned Hutsteiner in Bavaria.

The third one we find in 1617 when Paul Hutsteiner took over the seat in the church of Wegscheid from a man called Oberwelfel. Likely, Paul was a citizen of Wegscheid as no location is mentioned within this record. 

Paul Hutsteiner third from below

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