II.1.3 Hutstein Atzing

II.1.3 Hutstein Atzing


Another important place for all HUTSTEIN families around Vilshofen is Atzing.

Three Brothers set up 3 family lines from there, which I’m calling the Vilshofen, Anleng and Unterthannet line due to their major setup locations:

Their father Johann Baptist Hutstein had a beer pub called ‘Straubinger Wirt’, which still does exist, but unfortunately not within our family.


beer consumption at the Straubinger Wirt in 1882

Old books with records about the amount of delivery of beer from local breweries are still existing in private hands.

map of the Straubinger Wirt

The location there is really beautiful and the restaurant ready for events – probably a good location for a family reunion party in future ?

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