Hutstein in Unterthannet

Hutstein in Unterthannet


castle Ortenburg nowadays

Joseph Hutstein settled in Unterthannet, a village close to the market Ortenburg.  Some time he was working in Vorderschloß a settlement in the direct vicinity of the castle of Ortenburg where he met his wife Karolina Eglseder.




mortgage on the farm

Later, in 1893 he bought at an auction the farm in Unterthannet, which was publicly known as the ‘Langsepp’ farm. 






marriage photo of Joseph and Carolina 1894

There are family legends that Joseph was quite a wealthy man due to the fact that he, together with some friends, bought a steam engine for threshing grain. During the first world war he invested in war bonds and lost most of his money.


family tree in Unterthannet

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