II.1.8 Robbery and bandits

II.1.8 Robbery and bandits

On 26th October 1887 some bandits tried to rob the family Hutsteiner in Haselberg (close to Wegscheid).

Johann Baptist Hutsteiner and his wife Maria were gone to bed already, when some bandits “visited” them. The two robbers, with blackened face, came into their bedroom and threatened them with their pistols. Johann wanted to fight, but his wife calmed him down. She told the robbers, that all money is downstairs and she would give it to them.

So, she and one  of the robbers went downstairs, while the other one kept an eye on her husband. Because Maria did not light any candle when they went down the stairs, the robber did not immediately see that she went away and fled outside the house. She run to their neighbours and informed them. When she came back with help the robbers meanwhile had fled the house without doing any further harm.

They only thing they stole was a tobacco pipe.



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