II.5.1 A local VIP in 1644

Hutsteiner Andreas had been baker and a local VIP in Pfarrkirchen i. M., Upper Austria.

Pfarrkirchen im Mühlkreis ~1840

A parchment document available in the Upper Austrian States Archive in Linz records that on 01.09.1644 Ferdinand Herberstain, priest Soc. Jesus and rector of the Imperial College of Linz, landlord of the Ottensheim dominion, awarded Andreas Huetstainer, citizen and ‘Zechprobst’ – the asset manager of a parish –  in Pfarrkirchen i. M. parish and fief bearer of the church, with different tithes in Pfarrkirchen and Sarleinsbach parishes.

Andreas Huetstainer

Andreas was Zechprobst in Pfarrkirchen from 1630 until 1649 with some interruptions.

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