A hidden family secret ?

A hidden family secret ?

Is there a hidden family secret in Wetzlar ?

Georg Hutsteiner married in 1714 and became father of 4 children shortly afterwards. But then there is a gap and his only son Johann Georg was born 1733 (and died shortly afterwards).

It happens often that between the penultimate child and the last one is a larger timely gap, especially if the woman is already in her 40s. But this is not the case here and the gap is unusual long.

So, what happened ?

It is possible that other children are recorded anywhere else still unknown to us or they simply have been forgotten to be recorded in the church books or they had been stillbirths and they were not recorded anyhow. Or, or, or..

Or was the Johann Georg born in 1733 already a child of Michael Hutsteiner who suddenly appears in 1734 in Dillenburg but baptised/adopted by his uncle ?

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