IV.1.2 From Saxony to Poland

Georg Heinrich Günther, a guy from Giegengrün left his home and went to Poland and was searching for his former friend Christian Huthsteiner, also from Giegengrün, who had gone to the saxonian army in Poland, to ask him for some help. He thought he would find him as a simple soldier, but he was surprised when he heard that Huthsteiner had become supreme in the Saxon regiment in Warsaw.

Coat of Arms of the union Saxony-Poland

He went to see him, discovered his situation, and found in Huthsteiner a protector who finally recommended him for personal service with the Saxon prince Clemens, who was in Warsaw. Colonel Huthsteiner was the eldest son of the linen weaver and church leader Michael Huthsteiner in Hartmannsdorf and his first wife Rosina, Christoph Hoffmann’s daughter. Georg Huthsteiner and Michael Huthsteiner, who was born around 1600, shoemakers, are Michael’s father and grandfather.

With him, Günther made himself useful as a personal hunter and servant in every way. There is an old family legend: the prince, who had a very strong beard growth and was therefore very problematic to shave, Günther has literally put a children’s teaspoon in the mouth and pressed out the cheeks with it so that he could shave better; in the true sense of the word, therefore, he “barbed it over the spoon”.

Roman Catholic records of the Church of the Holy Cross, Warszawa-Srodmiescie
Roman Catholic records of the Church of the Holy Cross, Warszawa-Srodmiescie
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