IV.1.3 An Exulant

Michael Hutsteiner, born around 1590, likely was an Exulant – a protestant who was forced to leave the country, the Austrian empire. Probably, he migrated from the upper part of the so called “Mühlviertel” in Upper Austria to Hartmannsdorf, Saxony around the 1630s. First known documents mention him on 26.09.1637 there, unfortunately the name of his first wife is still unknown, but notes by unknown source state, that he married 1615.

The Mühlviertl in Upper Austria

From 1626 to 1630 Lutheran inhabitants of the Austrian empire had to decide to convert back to Catholicism or leave the country. Additionally 1626 there had been a peasant war in and around the Mühlviertel, the north-eastern part of Upper Austria – it was occupied by Bavaria -, bordering to Bohemia (Czech kingdom).

In 1620 the guardian of Falkenstein, Heinrich Salburger, bought the dominion Rannariedl, the dominion where one of our loans is located in the hamlet Hutstein is located. During the time of the counter-reformation around 1626, Heinrich Salburger, a protestant, changed back to Catholicism – and became count. So, Rannariedl and Falkenstein were united after 370 years again.

During this time many families left the area of Upper Austria, likely our Michael Hutsteiner, too. As an example Freistadt, at that time the only town in the Mühlviertel and an hot-spot of Lutheran life, lost about 50-60% of all inhabitants until 1630.

Somehow, this would confirm an old family legend which I was told by Ted Huthsteiner in the US, that his family originated by Huguenots who fled their country.

It is recorded that in Kirchberg and Hartmannsdorf exulants from Bohemia and Upper Austria settled between 1620 and 1630. Likely, Michael was one of them.

Emigration of protestant Bohemians to Saxony from Ludwig Richter 1834,
CC-BY 4.0

Actually, the only visible document: a summary of Michael Hutsteiner’s church records in Kirchberg with additional information from related court records – the original church records are still not available to the public, the court records did not reveal any further important information. 


first known court record about Michael Hutsteiner from September 1637
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