Holocaust and concentration camps

Karl Hutsteiner an active member of the communist party in Munich spent more than 2 years in Dachau concentration camp from 2.9.1936 to 20.4.1939


Josef Hutsteiner was killed by medical doctors as part of the euthanasia program of the Nazis.


Simon Hutstein, jewish, died in Vienna

entrance sign to Maly Trostinets concentration camp


Feiga Reicher, wife of Simon Hutstein, jewish, was murdered in the quite unknown concentration camp Maly Trostinets, close to Minsk.




Sobibor railway station

Jacob Blok, a dutch jew and husband of Margaretha Hutsteiner from Windischgarsten in Austria, was murdered in Sobibor. His mother was killed in Auschwitz. 




Augusta Hutstein was deported to concentration camp Saint-Cyprien, South-France, in May 1940, a lesser-known camps in France, which was set up primarily to accommodate refugees from the Spanish Civil War, but then used by the Nazis for Jews and other prisoners. Nearly five thousand Jews expelled from Belgium were held at Saint-Cyprien before being deported to the East for extermination.



Hutstein Chaje (camp Saint-Cyprien)


Hanna Hutstein was a jewish woman deported from Czech republic to the ghetto Lubartow, district of Lublin, Poland.

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