VI. Holzstein and Hutstein

VI. Holzstein and Hutstein

Hutstein Martin *1748 in Allersberg

Another issue came up with Hutstein Simon, son of Hutstein Martin in Preith, grandson of Holzsteiner Adam allegedly from Amberg. 

This family seems not to be a part of any ‘Hutstein/Hutsteiner’-line but to ‘Holzstein’ resp. `Holzsteiner` instead. Sometimes these family names became mixed up. Perhaps this happened here, too. 

While Adam and most of his children were recorded as Holzstein resp.  Holzsteiner, only Martin was recorded as “Hutstein” (Huetstein) and his mother`s death within official church books. And he and his descendants kept this family name, founding another Hutstein family line during the 19th century until the family name got extinct at the beginning of the 20th century. 

death record of Adam Holzsteiner in parish Freystadt 1788
birth record of Martin Huetstein in Asbach, parish Allersberg


death record of Anna Maria Holzstein in Schoenbrunn, parish Allersberg, 1752
baptism record of Maria Eva Holzsteiner, 1751 in Asbach, parish Allerberg




death record of Caecilia Huthstein 1782 in parish Forchheim




Nevertheless, there is still the possibility existing that it happened exactly the other way, i.e. that a Hutsteiner family member got named Holzsteiner.

A more in depth research will be necessary to find the physical origin of Johann Adam which will shed some light into his family origin: Holzsteiner or Hutsteiner ? 

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Hutstein Holzstein



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