Bavarian-Austrian families

Family Hutstein(er) in Lower Bavaria and Upper Austria descended from the small hamlet of ‘Hutstein’. All inhabitants of this hamlet were called “Hutsteiner”, i.e. someone who live in the hamled of Hutstein got the Family name ‘Hutsteiner’.

Some families lost it’s ending “-er” at the beginning of the 19th century. First known occurence of the name Hutsteiner living in Hutstein is 1509.

All Family members are of Roman-catholic confession. In this area it was unusual to use ‘th’ within our Family Name.

Out these families only a few members emigrated to the US. Still there are some decendants living there.

Upper 4 granges: hamlet Hutstein (Upper Austria), former parish of Wegscheid, Lower Bavaria.
In the front: Vatersreith. The Hutstein is located in the upper left forest.






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