Saxonian families

Family Hutstein in Saxony propaply originated around Hartmannsdorf close to the City of Zwickau. There has been a place/hill called ‘Hutstein’ close to Raschau, disctrict of Schneeberg, so likely this is place to search for their origin.

Another place could be the hill ‘Hutstein’ close to the City of Glatz, Silesia, thus the Saxonian lines would split up into a Zwickau and Dresden line. Further research is actually not possible as books in Saxony are still not accessible freely.

The Family is of Protestant confession only.

In this area it was common to use ‘th’ in ‘Huth’ thus many of the family members’ names are spelled as ‘Huthstein(er)’.

Obviously the Family name became extincted in late 1970s with one of their last members living in Hamburg.

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