Westphalian-Hesse families

Many members of the family Huthstein(er) in Westphalia and Hesse originated around Dillenburg. Obviously there has been a place called ‘Hutstein’ in the vicinity of the City of Limburg/Lahn thus it is likely that there is the origin of the Family. The first noted Hutstein found around this Region is Peter Hutstein in the City of Geldern 1634. 

The Family is splitted between Roman-Catholic and Protestant Religion.

In this area it was common to use ‘th’ in the german word ‘Huth’, thus most of the familiy members Name is spelled as ‘Huthstein(er)’.

From these families lines several members emigrated to the US with their decendants living there to present.

Some of them could be found in the Netherlands and one emigrated ca. 1830 to Bristol/UK. Another one of them emigrated to Paris around 1820 and became member of the League of Honor of the Republic France. It seems all this happened due to the Napoleonic wars in Germany. 

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