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IV.4. War participants

Napoleonic Wars Col. Heinrich Christian Huthsteiner (Obrist) had been artillery officer during the war. He commanded 2 cannons and 2 mortars and was stationed in the city of Glogau, later in Löwenberg/Silesia. He was awarded with the saxonian medal of St. Heinrich (Knight). After Saxony was defeated it became part of the Napoleonic alliance. Huthsteiner was awarded on 06.07.01813. with the medal of the French Legion of Honour. In 1817 within a directory of the […]... Read More
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III.3. War participants

Napoleonic wars Johann Friederich Huthsteiner was assistant surgeon at the Dutch Brigade,  1st line regiment. This brigade was formed by the British King George in 1799 und disbanded in 1802 and stationed on the channel islands of Wight and Lymington to fight against Napoleon’s troops. With the peace treaty of Amiens it was decided to disband it, likely at Den Helder, Holland.       Prusso-Danish war Rudolph Huthsteiner         Prusso-French war […]... Read More
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II.3. War participants

Napoleonic wars Martin Hutsteiner from Eberhardstreuth was part of a bavarian militia in 1799 and located around Künzing, Osterhofen. His fate is still unknown. Franz Hutsteiner from Niederwegscheid was soldier in the 8th Line-Infantry-Regiment Herzog Pius until December 1807 when he deserted. His fate after desertion is still unknown.   The German war 1866     Franco-Prussian war (1870/1871) Franz Hutsteiner took part in this war as a soldier in the 11. Infantry Regiment ‘von […]... Read More