War participants

Napoleonic wars

Johann Friederich Huthsteiner was assistant surgeon at the Dutch Brigade,          1st line regiment. This brigade was formed by the British King George in 1799 und disbanded in 1802 and stationed on the channel islands of Wight and Lymington to fight against Napoleon’s troops. With the peace treaty of Amiens it was decided to disband it, likely at Den Helder, Holland.




Prusso-Danish war

Rudolph Huthsteiner      


Prusso-French war


American Civil War

Julius Huthsteiner  was a Civil War volunteer in 1863 from Hamilton County, Ohio.

Gustav Huthsteiner was private in the Union army.

Heinrich Huthsteiner was private in the Union army and got wounded.

Ernst Huthsteiner 

Another Julius Huthsteiner attended the American civil war as a druggist, later as hospital steward.


World War I

Louis Huthsteiner took part in WWI






Wilhelm Huthsteiner was heavily wounded in June 1916.

Rudolf Huthsteiner got heavily wounded in May 1915


World War II

MA Major George E. Huthsteiner had been military Attachée to the three Baltic states and Finland from 1939 to 1940. He reported about Soviet military power and the Soviet-Finnish winter war of 1939-1940. Huthsteiner was an American military diplomat, US Deputy Military Attorney in Tallinn, and eventually in the US Embassy in Helsinki, who succeeded in obtaining accurate military information from 1941 to 1942 on Germany’s ‘Operation Barbarossa’, the attack on the Soviet Union.

(Lt. Stanley W. Lipski (center), U.S. Military Attaché to Finland George Edward Huthsteiner (2d from left), and Finnish officers with large gun, ca. 1940. Lipski Family Collection (MS 357). Special Collections and University Archives, University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries)


Kurt Huthsteiner was killed in Focsani, Romania.

Gustav Huthsteiner 

Carl Huthsteiner 





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