War participants

Napoleonic wars

Martin Hutsteiner from Eberhardstreuth was part of a bavarian militia in 1799. His fate is still unknown.

Franz Hutsteiner from Niederwegscheid was soldier in the 8th Line-Infantry-Regiment Herzog Pius until December 1807 when he deserted. His fate after desertion is still unknown.


The German war 1866



Franco-Prussian war (1870/1871)

Franz Hutsteiner took part in this war as a soldier in the 11. Infanterie Regiment ‘von der Tann’, Batallion 2, Compagnie 5. He got wounded on 09.11.1870 at the battle of Coulmiers, Orleans.


World War I:

Franz Xaver Hutstein took part in WWI at the western German front from the beginning. He got wounded 11.11.1914 and on 3.8.1916 captured by the French, fortunately ! He was at the killing fields of Verdun and during the battle at Fort Vaux where thousands of soldiers lost their life in vain. He was released after 4 years and came home in 1920.



Paul Hutsteiner got several times wounded in this war. Finally he died on 9.7.1918 in a hospital in Chateau Des Verles, France, due to heavy wounds he got a month earlier.

Johann Jakob Hutstein was captured and became prisoner of war around one week before WWI ended 11.11.1918

Franz Hutsteiner was wounded during the first months of WWI and finally was killed in Galicia in 1915.

Anton Hutsteiner was killed mid of 1918 in Belgium.

Alois Hutsteiner was killed at the south western front

Johann Hutsteiner was killed 1916 close to Reims, France.

Vinzenz Hutsteiner died in hospital after getting several times wounded.

Johann Hutsteiner got killed at the battle of Verdun, Fort Vaux.

Josef Hutsteiner  is buried in Belgium




World War II:

Franz Xaver’s son, Franz Xaver Hutstein jun., my uncle whom I never met,  was only 15 years old when the Hitler regime called him to arms on the very last moments of the 3rd Reich.  On 19. March of 1945 he was on the way to Passau to begin his service when American bombers where passing the little city. As soon as the pilots recognized that some Wehrmacht soldiers tried to hide in a small forest there, they started to bombard the area. It was only a small bombardment compared with other regions in Germany, but unfortunately Franz Xaver jun. was hiding in the above mentioned forest (‘Bumper Hölzl’), too, and lost his live. Only 7 weeks later war was over.   


Johann Hutsteiner , Sergeant Major at the Grenadiers, from Munich, died in Russia 





Johann Hutsteiner  died in Russia.

Franz Hutsteiner died in Ukraine

Ludwig Hutsteiner was killed close to Schwarzwasser (Strumien), Poland.

Willibald Hutstein died in Russia.

Anton Hutsteiner  died in Russia, close to St. Petersburg.

Meinrad Hutsteiner was killed in Italy.

Karl Hutsteiner died in Russia.

Hermann Hutsteiner was killed in  Jassy, Romania.

Josef Hutsteiner 

Otto Hutsteiner was obviously in charge of parts of former 73rd division defending Danzig region 1945. 








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