III.5.B. A friend of Friedrich Engels

Everybody know about Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels nowadays who wrote the communist manifest and had been founder of the Marxism ideology. But everybody forgot about the police commissioner and censor in Barmen, home town of Friedrich Engels, who lost his position and became demoted  as he did not forbid some of theses thesis in local publications and local conferences of communist party.   Wilhelm Joseph Conrad Huthsteiner had been chief of police in Barmen […]... Read More
pfaffe Medieval_Priest,_Friar,_or_Monk_(1)

I.9. Priests and Preachers

In former times, if a wealthy peasant had more than a son who could take over his farm after his death, they sent the second eldest one to a higher level school to study theology and to become a priest. Thus, they always had direct theological assistance and a bonus for their afterlife – they thought. Likely, this also happened to Johann Baptist Hutsteiner learned and studied at the royal lyceum in Passau since 1839 and […]... Read More

Down under

One member of the Hessen-Nassau family settled far, far away:   Rudolph Huthsteiner. Rudolph became the most travelled guy in this genealogy – at least for the time around 1870. At this time travelling to Australia took 3-4 weeks at least. On the Sea ! Likely he left Germany (Prussia) due to suppression of free ideas, as already his brother Wilhelm was demoted due to liberal acting as censor and police commissioner in Barmen. Probably […]... Read More

III.2.C. Generations of Doctors

An interesting fact about the hessian protestant family line: there had been generations of doctors covering a time frame of at least 100 years. Beginning with Michael Huthsteiner who was the first in a row of many individuals whose profession was doctor. He had been a  ‘Bader’ which is a little bit similar to a physician / healer. His sons  Philipp Conrad  and Conrad  became doctors, too. Phillip Conrad serviced at the Hessen-Nassau army and […]... Read More