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Holocaust and concentration camps

Karl Hutsteiner an active member of the communist party in Munich spent more than 2 years in Dachau concentration camp from 2.9.1936 to 20.4.1939   Simon Hutstein, jewish, died in Vienna   Feiga Reicher, wife of Simon Hutstein, jewish, was murdered in the quite unknown concentration camp Maly Trostinets, close to Minsk.       Jacob Blok, a dutch jew and husband of Margaretha Hutsteiner from Windischgarsten in Austria, was murdered in Sobibor. His mother […]... Read More
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Seven Generations of Tailors

You ever heard about Lagerfeld, Chanel and Co., but did You know about the 7 Hutsteiner generations of tailor masters from Saxony  ? Mathias Hutsteiner was the first in a long row of tailor masters, followed by his son Johann Heinrich Hutsteiner, his grandson Christian Heinrich Hutsteiner, followed by Friedrich August Hutsteiner and finally by August Ludwig Hutsteiner. His son Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Hutsteiner emigrated to the US and worked as tailor there followed by […]... Read More