Dillenburg is the epicentre of the Lutheran Hutsteiner families in Westphalia-Hesse. During the 1600s-1700s the dukes and counts of the region Nassau had close relations to Saxony. Michael Hutsteiner, likely from Hartmannsdorf in Saxony, was the forefather of these families. He had close relations to the court of Dillenburg and their soldiers. Dillenburg was ruled until 1739 by Christian von Nassau-Dillenburg and from 1742 by Karl August von Nassau-Weilburg. Both had been relatives and closed […]... Read More
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Bohemia (Czech republic)

Thomas Hutsteiner from Kollerschlag parish, Upper Austria, married in Deutsch Reichenau (Rychnůvek) in the district of Krumau (Český Krumlov). All his children were born there. Later he moved back with his family to Upper Austria.     As stated in another blog entry about Budweis during the 30-yrs-war also Vitus Hutsteiner, likely from Wegscheid parish, went to Bohemia around the 1630s.  Eventually, Vitus came after all protestant inhabitants had to leave or were killed.... Read More
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Catholic or protestant ?

This is not so easy to define as it seems on a first view. The protestant parish book of Laufenselden from 1692-1742 mentions Philipp Jacobus Hutstein to be born into the shepherd’s family of Johann Adam Hutstein and his wife Catharina Elisabeth in 1717 in Rettert. But it does not necessarily mean that he had been a protestant. In fact the catholic and protestant inhabitants of this region lived door by door and often used […]... Read More

I.7. Disappeared families

The Saxonian Hutsteiner families in Germany completely disappeared. Last known family member with name Hutstein lived in Hamburg until end of last century, i.e. around the 1970s. There are no known living members of Saxonian Hutsteiner families who emigrated to the US, too. Also, no known family members of catholic Hutstein families of the Westphalia-Hesse as well as their descendant family in Bristol, UK, survived. In general, this all does not mean, that there are […]... Read More