Following figures show main migration paths of Hutsteiner families from and within the three main Hutsteiner family regions in Germany.


The Bavarian/Austrian Hutsteiner migrated mainly in Lower Bavaria, e.g. to Passau, Schönberg and Uttigkofen, and Upper Austria, mainly to the capitol Linz and surrounding and Steyr. Some descendants moved to capitol of Bavaria, Munich. One family settled in Villingen (Baden-Württemberg). Some families also emigrated to the US, another one to Budweis, Czech republic.

Main movements of Bavarian/Austrian Hutsteiner families


The Saxonian Hutsteiner migrated to Borna, close to Leipzig, Dresden and one family was recorded in Breslau (Silesia, Poland) and another one went to Warsaw, Poland, as a head of the Saxonian army there.

Only one family emigrated to the US.

Main movements of Saxonian Hutsteiner families



The Westphalian Hutsteiner families moved within Westphalia and Hesse-Nassau, e.g. Dillenburg, Siegen, Giessen and Wiesbaden. One family was forced to move to Erfurt, Thuringia. 
Several other families emigrated to the US, where several descendants of them live nowadays. One family moved to France during the Napoleonic time. One individual emigrated to Australia and one founded a larger family in Bristol, UK.

Main movements of Hessian Hutsteiner families

Following figures show speculative migration path of a certain Hutsteiner family between the main occurrence regions.


Two migration hypotheses

There are actually two hypotheses for the migration of Hutstein families between the three major occurrence regions

The first one is the exulant path from Austria, i.e. a Hutsteiner exulant moved to Hartmannsdorf, Saxony, settled there, and his great-grandson moved to Dillenburg. 

Exulant path from Austria to Saxony to Hesse-Nassau

The second one describes the path from any Westphalian/Hessian Hutsteiner who moved to Hartmannsdorf, Saxony, and around 100 years later back to Hesse-Nassau.

Path from anywhere in Westphalia/Hesse-Nassau to Saxony back to Hesse-Nassau


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