Dillenburg is the epicentre of the Lutheran Hutsteiner families in Westphalia-Hesse. During the 1600s-1700s the dukes and counts of the region Nassau had close relations to Saxony. Michael Hutsteiner, likely from Hartmannsdorf in Saxony, was the forefather of these families. He had close relations to the court of Dillenburg and their soldiers.

Dillenburg was ruled until 1739 by Christian von Nassau-Dillenburg and from 1742 by Karl August von Nassau-Weilburg. Both had been relatives and closed an inheritance contract. Important to know: Karl August had been working for the duke of Saxony as an ambassador to France. Later, in 1734, he had been commander of Palatinate troops against France in Poland’s war of succession, probably with Saxonian troops enforced. Saxony’s duke claimed Poland’s rulership and was supported by the Holy German Empire against France.

These circumstances likely brought Michael Hutsteiner to Hesse-Nassau.


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