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Christian Hutsteiner left Hartmannsdorf and joined the staff of the court in Dresden and his uncle, the royal secret chamber clerk Christian Hutsteiner, there. In 1648 he became the King’s royal cashier and went to Poland, which was ruled by the Saxonian king during these times. A family legend says that in Warsaw he made his career and became colonel of the Saxonian troops. This I could not verify as the ranking lists of the […]... Read More

Find a grave

This post is dedicated to show photos and information about the graves of all Hut(h)stein(er) and their spouses:  A specialized site is listing known graves in alphabetical order of  their name: A Anna Hutsteiner (Unknown-1924) – Find A Grave Memorial Infanterist Anton Hutsteiner (Unknown-1918) – Find A Grave Memorial Alfred Huthsteiner (1865-1866) – Find A Grave Memorial Alfred Jacob Huthsteiner (1874-1946) – Find A Grave Memorial B Barbara Hutsteiner (1883-1968) – Find A Grave Memorial […]... Read More
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The dark side

With a growing number of researched members of our families more and more family secrets are getting unveiled. Some of them are imprisonments of Hutsteiners due to brawls, domestic violence or even more severe cases: A bavarian arrest warrant was issued in 1873 for Huthstein Carl Friedrich Wilhelm. Johann Hutsteiner from Linz was imprisoned 1905 and 1910 for sexual fornication with little girls. Adalbert Hutsteiner got arrested 6 months due to domestic violence against son […]... Read More