legal dispute

The dispute

Elisabeth  Catharina Hutstein had a very long lasting and  intensive legal dispute and communication from 1770 to 1793 with the municipal authorities of the city of Wetzlar after the death of her second husband, button maker  Johann Friedrich Liborius. The extant files are collected in three heavy books available in the Hessian States archive. They include last will, guardianship bills of the Lentzer children, first marriage contract of Elisabeth Catharina from 1755 with Mr. Lentzer […]... Read More
simon hutstein2 nikolsk-ussurisk

From hero to zero

Simon Hutstein, a jewish carver from Vienna and soldier got caught at the eastern front of the Austrian empire and became prisoner of war on Sept. 7th, 1915. He was transported to a PoW camp in the very far east, in Nikolsk-Ussuryisk, close to Vladivostok, Russia. From there he was released in Nov. 23rd, 1920, and came back home via Frankfurt, Germany. After the uniting of the German 3rd Reich with Austria he and his […]... Read More