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Pastors and preachers

Up to now I found only one pastor or preacher in our family: Johann Baptist Hutsteiner learned and studied at the royal lyceum in Passau since 1839 and got his ordination in Passau on 13.8.1852. First had been cooperator in Passau St. Stephan until 1858. From 1859 to 1870 he acted as cooperator in Fürstenzell. There, he was reported heavily carrying  water buckets during a fire which burnt a house in Pilzweg (Fürstenzell) in April […]... Read More
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The royal secret chamber clerk and the Cashier

Christian Hutsteiner, the royal court cashier in Dresden became the royal chamber clerk at the court of Dresden in 1733. He never was married.             His nephew Christian Huthsteiner, recorded as Huthsteiner jun. once, the travel cashier for the court in Warsaw, was appointed Royal Cashier at the court in Dresden in December 1747. It seems that he most of the time had been in Warsaw or travelling, because some […]... Read More

Double trouble couples

Yes, our family name is not so common as we probably would like to be. In fact we have two regions on earth where it was spread common but nowadays it is extinct or will become extinct soon. Nevertheless there had been already couples of two Hutstein-family members who got acquainted to each other, double trouble couples: Johann Evangelist Hutsteiner married Catharina Hutsteiner Ludmilla Hutstein married Franz Xaver Hutstein Needless to say, that the couples […]... Read More