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Sad story

History tells a real sad story about Johann Wilhelm Huthsteiner. Johann Wilhelm Huthsteiner, son of Johann Christian Huthsteiner,  voluntarily joined the Prussian army to fight Napoleon in April 1813. His first battle was the battle at Lützen close to Leipzig, the first battle of the liberation wars, and later on several fights until the battalion reached the river Rhein. His last letter to his parents was written in Born, Wiesbaden, dated 26.12.1813. Afterwards there had been […]... Read More
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The Saxonian Colonel

Heinrich Christian Huthsteiner obviously was born as a catholic when his father Christian Huthsteiner was in Warsaw.  To become king of Poland the Saxonian elector had to convert to Catholicism. A quite difficult and troublesome decision as Saxony was a protestant country for centuries. Likely some aristocrats and staff at the court of Dresden also converted, probably also Christian Huthsteiner. At least his son was of catholic religion when they came back to Saxony in […]... Read More
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Servant and maid

While many of our family members of former times had been working as servant or maid on regional farms and history does not report anything more about them, there are a few which had been noted:   Johann Hutsteiner was working for 19 years at the farm of Karl Hutsteiner in Niederwegscheid and mentioned in local newspaper in 1862. Johann Georg Hutsteiner was working for 32 years in Niederwegscheid and mentioned in local newspaper 1819.   […]... Read More