The Saxonian Colonel

Heinrich Christian Huthsteiner obviously was born as a catholic when his father Christian Huthsteiner was in Warsaw. 

To become king of Poland the Saxonian elector had to convert to Catholicism. A quite difficult and troublesome decision as Saxony was a protestant country for centuries.

Likely some aristocrats and staff at the court of Dresden also converted, probably also Christian Huthsteiner. At least his son was of catholic religion when they came back to Saxony in 1763.

promotion to Premierlieutnant


Heinrich Christian made his fortune within the Saxonian army. He joined the artillery corps and later was promoted to a mathematics at the artillery school. He had to fight with the french troops during the Napoleonic wars







Blockade report of Glogau


He was major and defended the fortress of Glogau during the allied siege in 1813, but had to capitulate finally after this very long lasting siege. His detailed reports are preserved in the states archive of Saxony, Dresden.

While he was defending Glogau his son Friedrich August died at the siege of Torgau.


In 1830 Heinrich Christian died in Löwenberg ranked as colonel. It seems that he got the title ‘von’  i.e. he became ennobled some years before.



The allied siege of Glogau in 1813

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