Bavarian-Austrian families

Family Hutstein(er) is mainly located in Lower Bavaria  – around city of Passau  -, Upper Bavaria – mainly immigrants to Munich – and Upper Austria with its capitol Linz.


The Bavarian-Austrian Hutstein families have a single point of origin at a small hamlet called ‘Hutstein’. It is close to the bavarian border (around 800 m) and had been part of Bavaria in former times and included in the bavarian parish of Wegscheid (Passau). All inhabitants of this hamlet were called „Hutsteiner“, i.e. someone who lived in the hamlet of Hutstein got the surname ‚Hutsteiner‘.



One of the ‘Hutsteiner’ families lost the ending „-er“ of our surname at the beginning of the 19th century in the bavarian parish of Uttigkofen. All other families kept the ‘-er’.

map of 1778

First known occurrence of someone living in Hutstein is 1509. Some tax documents at the governmental archive in Vienna mention paid taxes by ‘Tameln’ (likely ‘Thomas’) at Hutstein in 1509.

map of 1828

Around 1550 there had been two farms located in Hutstein. One was dedicated to the reign of Falkenstein, the other to the reign of Rannariedl. 

All family members are of Roman-catholic confession.

In this area it was unusual to use ‚th‘ within our Family Name.

Out these families only a few members emigrated to the US. Still there are some decendants living there.


Upper 4 granges: hamlet Hutstein (Upper Austria), former parish of Wegscheid,  Bavaria. In front: Vatersreith. The ‘Hutstein’ rock is located in the upper left forest.



The ‚HUTSTEIN‘ rock.


The small cave on the foot of the ‘Hutstein’


Small cave of the ‘Hutstein’ known as the ‘Klause’

According to old legends this cave was home to a prophetess: a wise young lady living in it several hundreds of years ago.