Budweis during the 30-yrs war

Budweis nowadays

Some Hutsteiner – obviously from Wegscheid court district as documents point to – emigrated to Rudolfstadt / Budweis ( Rudolfo /  České Budějovice), Kingdom of Bohemia, a part of the Austrian Empire, which is neighbouring to Passau and only 60 km far from Wegscheid parish. Vitus Hutsteiner in Rudolfstadt (Rudolfov) and later Severin Hutsteiner in Budweis are mentioned in Budweis (České Budějovice) church records around 1650. Shortly before, Budweis and the surrounding region was heavily devastated by the “Passauer Kriegsvolk” – extremely violent mercenaries of the bishop of Passau – during the 1610s. 

Rudolfstadt / Rudolfov

Rudolfov is a city in the České Budějovice District in the South Bohemian Region, about 5 km north-east of České Budějovice (Budweis).
Rudolfstadt/Rudolfov was protestant before the Thirty Years War. It was occupied and destroyed by catholic troops in 1619 and all protestant records were lost during this time.
By 1627 all protestants in Southern Bohemia were forced to convert or to leave the country. Unfortunately, the catholic church books from Budweis/České Budějovice have a gap from 1630 to 1644, but the existing records up to 1630 do not show any baptisms of adult “heretics”, and many families found in Rudolfstadt after 1644 have their roots in Budweis or other South Bohemian and Upper Austrian towns. Probably protestant inhabitants of Rudolfstadt were either killed or went into exile and the town was repopulated with catholics from Budweis and other catholic areas, e.g. our Vitus Hutsteiner.

Wegscheid court 166x: Hutsteiner Veith in Budweis