Jewish families

Quite problematic is to set up the tree for the jewish families as there are existing so many records with different given names for nearly every idividual at the beginning of last century. The documents quite often are based on nick names which causes severe problems in linking the right ones together. And still no record found before ~ 1840.


The family of Meier Hutstein lived around Kolomea, a city in the western part of Ukraine, a former part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.




The Family of Wolf Dov Hootstein came from Augustow, Suwalki, a county in Poland, formerly Russia. There are numerous decendants of this family living in the US actually.



You may want to read about the history of jewish People in Suwalki on jewishgen:


Decendants of Leia Jutta Hutstein in Kolomea moved to Vienna, Austria, the Capitol of the empire. There, some became victims of the Holocaust during world war II.





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