Protestant/Lutheran Line

The larger part of the Westphalian-Hesse family originated in Dillenburg. First known member was Michael Hutsteiner, born about 1709. It is important to note that before 1734, the year his first baptised child was recorded, obviously no Hutsteiner had been in Dillenburg. Also important his profession: something like a doctor (‘Bader’), with some relationships to the local palace there.

Likely, Michael Hutsteiner had been an immigrant to Dillenburg. Actual research shows that it would be possible that Michael is identical to Michael Hutsteiner from Hartmannsdorf, Saxony, born in September 1709. The corresponding dates are completely in line with this assumption. Noteworthy to say that Saxonian aristocrats had several direct relations to the court of Dillenburg at that time, especially the duke of Nassau-Dillenburg, who was married to Saxonian duchess.

Further research will be done soon to check whether this assumption might be correct. 

Several families from Hessen-Nassau emigrated to the USA where a lot of their descendants still live. In Germany this family is going to disappear in the mid-term future as the Saxonian families did about 100 years ago.

Descendants of Michael Hutsteiner in Dillenburg