St. Joseph, catholic church, Clifton, Bristol

A young guy, Martin Hutstein, one of the catholic Hutsteiner families in Westphalia-Hesse went to England and married in London an english girl named Mary Ann Kenrick. He was working as a tailor and lived with his family in Bristol. Obviously he made his fortune there.

It is still unknown what circumstances brought Martin to the UK. According some court records in state’s archiv of Hesse he should have left the country around 1814 – stated by his brothers and sisters. This would have been during or shortly after final defeat of Napoleon Bonapart, i.e. perhaps he moved with allied soldiers to England after their battles or he fled to escape any necessary military service.    

During my very first internet search mid of 1990s for any Hutstein surname, Martin popped up stating that he lived in the 1850s on Bristol. What a surprise. 

There are known descendants, but unfortunately not with our surname anymore.


Attached denization documents about Martin: