I.1.5 Inheritance custom

The hereditary name custom is a regional, especially on the left bank of the Rhine, traditional convention for the hierarchy in which the surnames or first names of the ancestors are passed on to the following generations in a family.  According to the inheritance custom, the children of a family are named in the following or similar order: The 1st son receives the (first) name of the paternal grandfather.The 2nd son receives the (first) name […]... Read More

I.5 Approx. 1490: birth of first known Hutsteiner

The first known Hutsteiner is Tameln (or Tommln)- likely the austro-bavarian pronounciation of ‘Thomas’ – living in Hutstein, Austria. The correct reading is disputed as other historians interpret it as “Tameln” while I’m interpreting it as Tommln. According our local dialect nowadays spoken it should be Tameln. Tameln is mentioned in an old cadastre document (Urbar) of 1509 and a tax document of 1509 available in the states archive of Austria, Vienna. This also means […]... Read More
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I.6 Migrations

Following figures show main migration paths of Hutsteiner families from and within the three main Hutsteiner family regions in Germany. Bavarians/Austrians The Bavarian/Austrian Hutsteiner migrated mainly in Lower Bavaria, e.g. to Passau, Schönberg and Uttigkofen, and Upper Austria, mainly to the capitol Linz and surrounding and Steyr. Some descendants moved to capitol of Bavaria, Munich. One family settled in Villingen (Baden-Württemberg). Some families also emigrated to the US, another one to Budweis, Czech republic. Saxonians […]... Read More
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I.6.2 Ellis Island immigration

Georg Friedrich Eduard Huthsteiner had been the first of the Westphalian families to emigrate to the US. It is unclear when exactly he reached the US, but in the records of New York a Hutsteiner, who does match his age, was recorded who arrived on 6th of November 1848 with the vessel SS Washington. His wife Caroline, together with her sons Gustav and Heinrich, daughter Lina and baby Amelia, who was born on the sea […]... Read More