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I.6.2 Ellis Island immigration

Georg Friedrich Eduard Huthsteiner had been the first of the Westphalian families to emigrate to the US. It is unclear when exactly he reached the US, but in the records of New York a Hutsteiner, who does match his age, was recorded who arrived on 6th of November 1848 with the vessel SS Washington. His wife Caroline, together with her sons Gustav and Heinrich, daughter Lina and baby Amelia, who was born on the sea […]... Read More

I.7 Disappeared families

The Saxonian Hutsteiner families in Germany completely disappeared. Last known family member with name Hutstein lived in Hamburg until end of last century, i.e. around the 1970s. There are no known living members of Saxonian Hutsteiner families who emigrated to the US, too. Also, no known family members of catholic Hutstein families of the Westphalia-Hesse as well as their descendant family in Bristol, UK, survived. In general, this all does not mean, that there are […]... Read More
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I.8 Genetical diseases

Obviously our family has problems with a genetical diseases, one of them was epilepsy, another -still undefined- was paranoia like. Paul Huthsteiner was most time of his life in hospital and finally died there. In his records it was mentioned that also his father’s sister – still not identified – suffered from epilepsy and had been in hospital in the city of Bielefeld.   His father Robert Emil Huthsteiner committed suicide in 1924.     […]... Read More
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I.9 Priests and Preachers

In former times, if a wealthy peasant had more than a son who could take over his farm after his death, they sent the second eldest one to a higher level school to study theology and to become a priest. Thus, they always had direct theological assistance and a bonus for their afterlife – they thought. Likely, this also happened to Johann Baptist Hutsteiner learned and studied at the royal lyceum in Passau since 1839 and […]... Read More