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II.2.3 The Ghost of Hutstein

Holzmännlein and Holzweiblein When I first visited the ‘Hutstein’ I was told by an old lady sitting in front of her house in the hamlet of Hutstein that I should take care of the ‘Holzmännlein’ (‘Woidmanschgerl’) in the forest there, which she already met. Male and female dwarfs, inhabitants of the forest, of whom there are countless, can still be found today, as the inhabitants of the area assure. For example, a farmer once saw […]... Read More
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II.2.4 The great smuggler trail

Yes, our ancestors also had been involved in smuggling. And one of these actions became quite famous in the region of Passau and Upper Austria. Josef Hutsteiner, innkeeper in Wegscheid, had been head of a group of smugglers who brought cattle and horses from upper Austria to Bohemia and Bavaria. Beginning of 1919, i.e. shortly after WWI, it has been big business in this region. Estimated 20’000 cattle  they smuggled in quite short time. But […]... Read More
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II.3 War participants

Napoleonic wars Martin Hutsteiner from Eberhardstreuth was part of a bavarian militia in 1799 and located around Künzing, Osterhofen. His fate is still unknown. Franz Hutsteiner from Niederwegscheid was soldier in the 8th Line-Infantry-Regiment Herzog Pius until December 1807 when he deserted. His fate after desertion is still unknown.   The German war 1866     Franco-Prussian war (1870/1871) Franz Hutsteiner took part in this war as a soldier in the 11. Infantry Regiment ‘von […]... Read More