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Burden of war

  Paul Grubauer, who succeeded on the Themel Hutsteiner farm from 1631 wrote a letter to his lord in 1652 asking for relief of interest payment. He had to pay interests for a 200 Gulden loan from the parish of Pfarrkirchen, which he could not afford anymore in 1652 due to former war burdens. Therefore he asked for relief and that he may stay on his farm, the Themel Hutsteiner farm.         […]... Read More
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The big bloodletting

The population of the Falkenstein and Rannariedl dominions were exposed to extreme war conditions in the first half of the 17th century. In 1610/11 the Passau war people, 12’600 mercenaries, roamed the area plundering and murdering. Shortly afterwards in 1612 Wolfgang Hutsteiner had to borrow 200 Gulden from the parish of Pfarrkirchen, which is a quite large amount and equivalent to approx. 100’000 US $ today. With this sum it was possible to build up […]... Read More

Other inhabitants of Hutstein

  At the Hutstein there is one other house which is called the ‘Tuschlhäusl’, a house between the hamlets Hutstein and Vatersreith. First birth records in the Tuschlhäusl were recorded around 1748. Likely, the house was erected by Mathias Tusch who was best man at the marriage of Bartholomäus Hutsteiner, son of Zacharias Hutsteiner, in Sarleinsbach, June 1670.  During the 1670s to 1750s following families were residents at the Hutstein, too, : Zinhobler, Scheiblberger, Wandschambler, […]... Read More