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II.5.2 A famous soccer player

  For our most famous German soccer team FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN, which meanwhile is known worldwide, Georg Hutsteiner shot some goals during the seasons from 1922 to 1931 and won 6  german major cups with his club.     Link to Wikipedia entry: And a part of a local newspaper report about a game of the FC Bayern München against Barcelona  ... Read More
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III. Westphalia-Hesse-Nassau

The family is splitted up between Roman-Catholic and Lutheran/Protestant Religion, whereas the Catholics are mainly located around Bad Schwalbach and the Lutherans around the city of Dillenburg. Members of the protestantic family Huthstein(er) in Westphalia and Hesse originated around Dillenburg. According latest research all known family members are descendants of Michael Hutsteiner who likely immigrated from Saxony.  Obviously there has been a place called ‚Hutstein‘ in the vicinity of the city of Limburg/Lahn, a location […]... Read More

III.1 Catholic Line

Likely, the catholic family line in Westphalia / Hesse-Nassau was founded by migrant Carl Hutsteiner from Budweis, Czech republic. He immigrated to Martinsthal  around 1670. Martinsthal was part of the so called Rheingau, a county where socage and villeinage had been abolished. The link between Carl Hutsteiner to Johann Adam Hutstein, father of Philipp Jacob Hutstein is still hidden anywhere in the records, but due to rarity of the surname and geographical colocation it seems […]... Read More
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III.1.1 The origin of the catholic families in Hesse-Nassau

Carl Hutsteiner from Budweis, Czech republic, became the forefather of the catholic line of Westphalian-Hesse-Nassau Hutstein families. He moved from Budweis to the Rheingau in the 1670s. A first child birth was recorded in the church records of Martinsthal in May 1672 (Andreas Hutsteiner). Likely, the already known founder of all descendant families, Johann Adam Hutstein, was a son of Carl, but his birth or marriage record is still hidden in the documents.  ... Read More
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III.1.2 Catholic or protestant ?

This is not so easy to define as it seems on a first view. The protestant parish book of Laufenselden from 1692-1742 mentions Philipp Jacobus Hutstein to be born into the shepherd’s family of Johann Adam Hutstein and his wife Catharina Elisabeth in 1717 in Rettert. But it does not necessarily mean that he had been a protestant. In fact the catholic and protestant inhabitants of this region lived door by door and often used […]... Read More