III.2.3 Generations of Doctors

An interesting fact about the hessian protestant family line: there had been generations of doctors covering a time frame of at least 100 years. Beginning with Michael Huthsteiner who was the first in a row of many individuals whose profession was doctor. He had been a  ‘Bader’ which is a little bit similar to a physician / healer. His sons  Philipp Conrad  and Conrad  became doctors, too. Phillip Conrad serviced at the Hessen-Nassau army and […]... Read More
Huthsteiner grabstein weilburg 1851

A tombstone of 1851

Dr. Johann Friedrich Huthsteiner, born 1776 in Dillenburg, who died 1851 in Weilburg, got a tombstone which is mentioned and outlined in a book: “Die Bau- und Kunstdenkmäler des Bezirks Wiesbaden”, edition 1921 (the architectural and art monuments of the Wiesbaden district). It shows two staffs of Aesculapius and following text with some gaps between:   Dem Andenkendes ___Menschenfreundesund vielerrortHeilkünstlers___Obermedicin. RathDr. Huthsteiner___6. Januar 1776 27. August 1851CIII ANMAR FP  ... Read More