IV. Saxony

All family members Hutstein(-er) in Saxony originated around Hartmannsdorf close to the city of Kirchberg/Zwickau. It seems that the family moved to Hartmannsdorf approximately 1630 as there are no other members found in the neighbouring parishes before. On the other hand there has been a place/hill called ‚Hutstein‘ not far away from Hartmannsdorf close to Raschau, district of Schwarzenberg, which could have been a place to search for their origin, too. But fortunately we found […]... Read More

IV.1 Zwickau line

Unfortunately the parish records of Kirchberg and Schneeberg are not publicly available up to now – as most of the Saxonian records -, so a lot of information is still missing. But archives are already working on it and within the next years more documents should become online, too. But there is already some information existing and the family tree starts with Michael Hutsteiner born 1590, who probably was an exulant coming from the austrian […]... Read More
hartmannsdorf Hartmannsdorf_bei_Kirchberg_-_Kirche_um_1840 hutstein families4-7 Hutsteiner secondsource Hartmannsdorf

IV.1.1 Hartmannsdorf – origin of all Saxonian Hutsteiner families

According to my latest research Hartmannsdorf near Kirchberg in the district of Zwickau seems to be the originating place of all known Hutsteiner families in Saxony, i.e. in the eastern part of Germany. On the one hand there are some hints which could pinpoint to a hessian origin of the first known family member. First, Johann Georg der Ander, duke of Saxony had been duke of Jülich, Cleve and Berg around the 1670s, a region […]... Read More

IV.1.2 From Saxony to Poland

Georg Heinrich Günther, a guy from Giegengrün left his home and went to Poland and was searching for his former friend Christian Huthsteiner, also from Giegengrün, who had gone to the saxonian army in Poland, to ask him for some help. He thought he would find him as a simple soldier, but he was surprised when he heard that Huthsteiner had become supreme in the Saxon regiment in Warsaw. He went to see him, discovered […]... Read More