IV.6 Famous Persons

A famous person was Carl Friedrich Julius Hutsteiner, called Julius, a scientist who lived in Breslau. He wrote lots of scientific papers around 1850 – about drug chemistry, fireworks, orchids and bees – and founded a drug company in Breslau. In many other publications he was mentioned, too.

You may want to search on google books for a lot of his papers:

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Another one was Christian Hutsteiner  who had an occupation as cashier at the royal court in Dresden and Christians’ son  Heinrich Christian Hutsteiner: who was commander of a small artillery Brigade with 2 canons and 2 howitzers during the Napoleonic wars fighting for the Saxonian army, i.e. in 1806 for the French Grand Armée. Heinrich Christian probably is the only one Hutsteiner who ever got knighted: in one of the army reports when he was stationed at the city of Glogau (now Glogow in Poland) he is mentioned as commander ‘Von Hutsteiner’ which would pinpoint to aristocracy. Still I could not verify correctness of this list of commanders in following book:

von. Hutsteiner

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