Obviously, there was only one Hutsteiner family member ennobled: Heinrich Christian Huthsteiner.  Unfortunately I still did not find any document awarding him a title of nobility.

In some documents of prussian military he was mentioned as “von” Huthsteiner after 1814. This ‘von’ is the usual prefix to a surname of a person who was ennobled or is member of a noble family. Finally his widow was buried as Mrs. von Huthsteiner.

Online and in some archives You may find records of aristocrats named as “von Huttstein”. But there is a type mismatch and transcription error included in these records. They always refer to the well known aristocrats “von Hattstein”, which are originally located in the south of Hesse/Taunus. Mismatching Hatstein/Hattstein and Hutstein can be found quite often. 


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