Orphaned families

There are Hutstein families existing which still have no known links to any other family like the family of Peter Hutstein 1634 in Geldern. I still assume that they are related to families from the Netherlands, which are in  directly neighbourhood to this area and their surname is a transliteration of an existing, but different name like Houtsteijn, Houtstijn or Hulstein there.

Carl Joseph Hutstein, a shoemaker in Breslau, was forefather of such an “orphaned” family, too. Up to now there is no known connection to any other Hutsteiner family, but I assume that he was a descendant of the exulant Michael Hutstein, a shoemaker as well. Still I’m researching whether Michael had any surviving children out of his first marriage which could be the link here.

Another family with unclear origin is Johann Adam Hutstein’s family. Perhaps he is a descendant of Carl Hutsteiner who went from Budweis, Bohemia, to Hesse ? Or it is resulting again in a type mismatch of the original surname Holzsteiner, which was used as Johann Adams’s surname in his death record.

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