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This post is dedicated to show photos and information about the graves of all Hut(h)stein(er) and their spouses:  A specialized site is listing known graves in alphabetical order of  their name: A Anna Hutsteiner (Unknown-1924) – Find A Grave Memorial Infanterist Anton Hutsteiner (Unknown-1918) – Find A Grave Memorial Alfred Huthsteiner (1865-1866) – Find A Grave Memorial Alfred Jacob Huthsteiner (1874-1946) – Find A Grave Memorial B Barbara Hutsteiner (1883-1968) – Find A Grave Memorial […]... Read More
Hutstein Josef 2 Hutstein Marianne2

My parents

My father Josef Hutstein was a carpenter and my mother was a maid at another farm before she worked on our farm only. A coronary heart disease was diagnosed when he was 50 years all and he had to retire. As I myself got the diagnose of a  genetical disease, the hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, probably this was also the one he had to suffer from.   At time of retirement his life expectancy was estimated to […]... Read More
Hutstein Franz Xaver Sr. Hutstein Josef 2 20181014_120002 Danzer Katharina1

My grand parents

  Franz Xaver Hutstein from Unterthannet took part in WWI at the western German front from the beginning. He got wounded 11.11.1914 and on 03.08.1916 captured by the French, fortunately ! He was at the killing fields of Verdun and during the battle at Fort Vaux where thousands of soldiers lost their life in vain. He was released after 4 years and came home in 1920.   Nevertheless, one of his hands stayed disabled after the […]... Read More
dampf1 Hutsten Joseph Sr. Karolina Eglseder

My grand-grand parents

According family legends my grandfather Joseph Hutstein was a quite wealthy man. Together with some companions he bought a steam engine and rented it to local farms for threshing. My aunt once told me that our desk at home was full of gold coins when they bout it. Unfortunately he then invested or was forced to invest in war bonds during World War I and finally lost all his wealth.   Together with his wife […]... Read More