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Servant and maid

While many of our family members of former times had been working as servant or maid on regional farms and history does not report anything more about them, there are a few which had been noted:   Johann Hutsteiner was working for 19 years at the farm of Karl Hutsteiner in Niederwegscheid and mentioned in local newspaper in 1862. Johann Georg Hutsteiner was working for 32 years in Niederwegscheid and mentioned in local newspaper 1819.   […]... Read More


Mathias Hutsteiner from Mistlberg had been head of the community board (mayor) of the community Kollerschlag in 1855   Ernst Hutsteiner was mayor in Langenstein – a town close to Linz, Upper Austria –  from 1997 to 2009 and holder of the Gold Medal of Merit of the Republic of Austria.     Michael Hutsteiner, the grandson of exulant Michael, became mayor – known as ‘Ortsvorstand’ – in Hartmannsdorf, Saxonia.   Joseph Hutsteiner was mayor […]... Read More